Thursday, October 20, 2005


My new canalphones arrived; ER-6Is. While I can't compare them directly to my old E2Cs (due to them being stolen, which is a not- very long and fairly boring story, and better suited for a LiveJournal) they seem to have less punchy bass (though not so far as to describe them as 'limp'. It's not quite a seal issue, the bass is there, it's just a little underwhelming. More on this in later), but more high-end detail. The included plastic buds (the 3-flange ones) are far more comfortable than the ones included with the E2Cs, but as my ear canals are oddly large, fit too far in and the largest flange's edge - try saying that three times fast - sits inside the ear rather uncomfortably. The foam buds however are very nice. They are longer but thinner than the (medium) foam buds for the E2C, and have a sealed rather than open cell (so don't discolour/pick up wax nearly as easily).
On the downside, the aforementioned giant canal problem means even fully expanded they are a little loose, which is what I assume accounts for the lackluster bass response, even with the best possible seal they can provide. Etymotic provide larger foam buds on their site, but at nearly £8 a pop (not including shipping from the US) it's not really worth it just to bea able to blow my eardrums out without an EQ.


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