Friday, October 14, 2005

Poor Man's nano Case

Well, I finally got a nano. While I don't know exactly how easy it is to scratch, I'm taking no chances. Whilst I've ordered an InvisibleSHIELD, what am I to do in the meantime? Surely not surrender it's pristine finish to the rigours of my pocket? Why, turn the packaging into the Poor Man's nano Case of course! (Or the PMC-09 in Standard form)

How exactly is this marval of nanotechnology produced you may ask? With a pair of scissors and some spare time (i.e. an unproductive computing lesson).

Step 1:
Rub off the white lettering on the plastic case the nano was packaged in (What, you threw it away? Too bad. At least you kept the stick-on sheet on the front on, right? Right?) It rubs off easily with your fingernail, and any kind of cloth will remove the residue with a little moisture. I used a sleeve, you might want to go a fancier route with a paper towel or a dry polishing cloth.

Step 2:
Flatten the lower edge of the case, and snip out a notch. This will allow the headphone jack to plug in without bending up the edge of the plastic. Being a bodge-job at the time, I overestimated and cut a rather large bit off, but if you have the patience you can measure the jack socket and find out how much material you need to remove. An x-acto knife would probably produce a better cut than a pair of scissors, but again, bodge-job.

Step 3 (optional):
Cut a slot out of the top for the hold switch. This is optional if you don't need the hold switch, or if you're happy to slide it though the plastic (It has enough give to allow you to slide it on easily, but sliding it off again requires you to gather up a little material over it or stretch the corner fold, potentially weakening it). Again i used a pair of scissors and over-estimated the cut, leavinmg the material around the swich partially exposed, but with a more precise cutting tool and a little patience you can produce an exact slot.

Step 4:
Insert the nano, and admire your handywork. Beautiful, isn't it?

(oddly, those microscratches are invisible to the naked eye and incredibly vivid on a badly focusd camera. Ah, the wonders of optics!)

I've had this on for a week, and stored it in my pocket with a leather wallet, and haven't gotten a single scratch on the front. The back is slightly scored as you have to remove the case to sync it (I decided not to cut a hole for the data cable as it would almost certainly remove too much material for the bottom edge to hold together) but they could easilly be removed with some Brasso, though personally I'm inclined to brush the back.

Additionally, the included iTunes CD makes a wonderful coaster!


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